Sunday, May 26, 2013

Introduction to my 64 Java Green Beetle

So, I did it, only about 9 months ago. I finally bought a project car! A pretty decent 1964 VW Beetle Type I. With a newly rebuilt motor and transmission, the little 1600cc gets going with its 4 gears and this blog is being designed to track the work and progress of its resto-trans-formation. So follow along and if you have any questions, advice, tips, or anything feel free to email me at


Original photo from the seller:

Once I got the bug running and back home:

Current status:

The bug runs but needed a new starter, the whole system is the original 6v setup. I have gotten a new battery and a new starter and my next stop is to upgrade to a 12v setup and get her on the road again.

Stay Tuned!!!

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